5 Symptoms that Indicate altitude sickness in CuscoDuration

5 Symptoms that Indicate altitude sickness in CuscoMaximum height2545 msnm

5 Symptoms that Indicate altitude sickness in CuscoType of ToursTrekking

5 Symptoms that Indicate altitude sickness in CuscoFoodsNo Incluido

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5 Symptoms that Indicate altitude sickness in Cusco

HOW TO MANAGE ALTIDE SICKNESS IN CUSCO? Altitude sickness manifests primarily in people who do not frequent or do not live in areas that are at a moderate height. Greater than 25,000 m.a.s.l. generating problems such as discomfort and discomfort during the trip. FACT: CUSCO is at a height of 3,339 m.a.s.l. while MACHUPICCHU is at an altitude of 2,430 m.a.s.l. MAIN SYMPTOMS OF ALTIDE SICKNESS IN CUSCO It is good to recognize when you are suffering from altitude sickness.

Ø TIDES: Because the brain does not oxygenate properly it is very likely that dizziness will occur.

Ø HEADACHE: Another symptom caused by height is headache (in some cases it is mild and in others it is severe). This is a response to the brain to its functioning with less oxygen.

Ø AGITATION: The human body is very wise, which is why detecting that there is less oxygen forces the respiratory system to work much more. This creates constant agitation in people who are not accustomed to the climatic conditions of height.

Ø DIGESTIVE DISORDERS: Other symptoms related to altitude sickness are digestive disorders, nausea and vomiting. These are related to the unexpected change in the speed of metabolism related to Soroche.

Ø FATIGUE AND PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION: Just as when intense physical activity is performed, the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion is constant since the body is working in adverse oxygenation conditions.

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