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The Inkas built important urban centers such as MACHU PICCHU, CHOQUEQUIRAO and many others. However, the center of the empire was CUSCO. Today, the ancient city is recognized as the “ARCHAEOLOGICAL CAPITAL OF AMERICA“. Visitors who walk its streets confess to feeling a mysterious connection that makes them want to return. The reason for that feeling is perhaps the beauty and history that enclose its streets and main squares. Many of them were sites of great importance for INkAS. Today they are an attraction for tourists.CUESTA DE SAN BLAS: A few blocks from the main square is in the San Blas neighborhood whose main access road is the famous “Cuesta de San Blas”. The name evokes San Blas de Sebaste, doctor, bishop and Christian martyr. This steep and narrow stone street is surrounded by craft shops that try to keep the traditions of the ancient Cusco artisans alive.HATU RUMIYOC STREET: The busiest street for tourists in the city of Cusco. It is located a few steps from the Plaza de Armas. Its name means “De la Roca mayor” because the Inca Rock palace was built on its paths, on whose foundations the current Archbishop’s Palace was built. In this street there is a thin wall where the Incas carved the popular “PIEDRA DE LOS 12 ANGULOS”, one of the most popular attractions in the city of CUSCO.LORETO STREET: This popular street is located next to the church of the company of Jesus, in one of the passages that connects the Plaza de Armas with the rest of the city, its name is because the chapel of our chapel was built very close Mrs. of Loreto. This narrow cobbled street is located between 2 Inka walls on both sides. Formerly it was known as “Amaru Kancha”(quechua languaje), because it is located near an Acllawasi (House of the chosen ones) and the old palace of Huayna Cápac or Amaru Kancha.CUESTA DEL ALMIRANTE: This historic place links the Plaza de Armas with the INKA MUSEUM. Its name is due to that construction was called Casa del Almirante, an aristocratic palace of great majesty belonging to Admiral Francisco Alderete Maldonado. Before becoming a museum, this important colonial site was the seat of the archbishopric of CUSCO and palace of the last viceroy of PERU José de la Serna.MAQUES STREET: One of the most commercial and busy streets by tourists in Cusco. It is located 500 meters between the Plaza de Armas and the San Francisco square. His name is due to the fact that Marques Diego de Esquivel y Jaraba lived there. Currently this colonial palace is occupied by the School of Fine Arts of Cusco.7 CULEBRAS STREET: One of the most beautiful streets in the city of cusco. It joins the Plaza de Armas with the Nazarenas square. Its name is because the latter had the name of Amaru Ccatta (14 snakes) that at the same time took the name for the engravings in relievan the current church of Nazarenas. These types of passages (with the initial 7) were called The Seven Streets of Cusco: 7 Culebras Street, 7 Angels, 7 Diablitos, 7 Cuartones, etc. If you want to know more about the streets of Cusco you can visit us on

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