MACHUPICCHU CLIMATEMaximum height2545 msnm



Difficulty levelEasy


HOW IS THE MACHUPICCHU CLIMATE?Machupicchu is located in a sub-tropical area, located between the mountains of MACHU PICCHU and HUAYNA PICCHU, protected by the snowy Salkantay to the south and the Veronica to the north. This rugged geography gives MACHUPICCHU a very peculiar climate, fresh and warm, with sunny and rainy days, depending on the time you want to travel.RAIN SEASON: The rainy season in MACHUPICCHU runs from November to March, during this time the greatest amount of rainfall of the year is presented; of this time, the month that receives the most rain is February, that is why the INCA TRAIL closes during this month. But despite the continuous rains, the days are warmer and the nights are not cold as in CUSCO.It is possible that one of those days in which the rain falls without stopping, nevertheless, the rains appear in intermittent gusts that can last a few minutes to a couple of hours and are usually in the afternoons.DRY SEASON: the dry season in MACHUPICCHU runs from May to October, the weather during this time is dry most of the time, especially in the months of June, July and August. The days are warm and the nights are colder during the dry season, and it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop below zero in the months of June and July. Many consider this the best time to visit MACHUPICCHU; However, it is also the time that MACHU PICCHU receives its largest number of visitors.Visit machupicchu, take advantage of our thousands of offers, there is a perfect package to machupicchu designed for you, with: WWW.PERUINKASPLANET.COM

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